Partnership with Mahindra

Mahindra Susten has been working with Ennoble Social Innovation since the inception of their first ever product in 2016.

The ingenuity of the innovation has been a cornerstone in delivering social impact.

Over the past 4 years, this collaboration has helped spread smiles to over 5,000 students in more than 9 districts across India helping them with improved posture and increased attendance levels in schools.

Both the partners were concerned with decreasing interest level of school kids in studies and the increasing dropout rates as they grew older. Of many factors that had direct / indirect correlation, linkage to the lack of basic amenities for studying came out very prominent:

The linkage identified were:

  1. Lack of school bags - Books get soiled, lost, torn and out of shape by mid-session. Kids often lose stationary, books and so does their interest in studies.
  2. No writing desk - Schools in remote villages seldom has desks and benches for students. Sitting on floor, stooping over to write for long hours is quite prevalent having detrimental effect on children’s health leading to back and neck aches at an early age.
  3. No electricity to study at night - Kids are also found to have weak eye sight due to reading in very low lux levels and are vulnerable to high levels of Carbon monoxide from burning fuel /wood leading to serious health hazards.
  4. Lack of awareness on sustainability- Students had below average knowledge on sustainability practices and basic habits that can help improve environmental health in their surroundings.

Action / Scope :
Mahindra Susten has donated close to 5,000 bags to students across solar project sites to improve their posture, train students on sustainability and improve over-all attendance levels in schools.

Creating conducive learning environment for elementary school kids leading to decreased dropouts.

  1. Books and copies staying in good shape for longer time
  2. Increase in student attendance by 10% across schools
  3. Excitement amongst kids to use the bag and study and thereby increase in happiness index of the school.
  4. Increased interest to sit and study even at home
  5. Long Term health benefits for students resulting from better sitting posture
  6. Fuel Lamps discarded by kids leading to Health Benefits
  7. Improved posture for all students. 9 out of 10 students shared how they have more concentration while studying.
  8. Scrap upcycled- 4 tonnes

More than 80% students using the sustainability kit with a reduced plastic consumption in schools.

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