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Knowledge is Important, so is health (A Project with VOITH India)

Our country has taken innumerable initiatives to encourage quality education in all parts of India. Governments organizations, companies and people come together and join hands in making this initiative a reality. We still find that there are many issues that needs to be touched, many problems faced by young minds of India that affect their health.

It’s not surprising to know that students in various parts of our country do not even have desks to sit on while attending school. The only choice for students is to sit on the floor and attend class. Which doesn’t sound like a major problem unless you actually meet these students. Back pain, neck ache, non-aligned spine may cause some serious problems if ignored early on. VOITH one of the leading companies in India, decided to take initiative to solve this problem near their offices in Faridabad.

Ennoble innovated two products YELO BAG and YELO BAG SOFT which converts into a desk. YELO BAG is Ennoble’s first Invention. The product is a light weight bag which converts into a writing desk. Everyone can have their own desk not only at school but also at home or any other places you wish to study. YELO BAG SOFT is the second product which is lighter, with detachable desk, flexibility to change height of the desk with minor adjustments and a companion that every student can have.



These products were innovated to ensure better health care for students to have better education. As for all good things, great minds join hands to work together VOITH India partnered with Ennoble under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and distributed bags in schools to children in need. A heartfelt thank you to Col. S. Kapoor (The president of Faridabad Industries Association) and Mr. Chandrashekar Guglani of VOITH Paper Fabrics India to have supported this initiative to carry out these distributions in Faridabad where the schools are located.

Ennoble and its partners stands for the right of children to get better and convenient education.
Thank You!

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