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Why Should You Get Associated with Us?

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, innovative companies build and preserve human, social, and natural wealth while strengthening their businesses. A CSR strategy’s success depends on finding the right partner, and some steps can be taken to ensure the partnership co-creates value for both parties.

Our acclaimed programs in collaboration with CSR organizations and government bodies have already impacted the lives of millions of people in India. We are a section 12 non-profit organization dedicated to developing the culture of ‘giving’ in India to achieve a more significant social impact. We have earned the trust of a wide range of partners, including corporations, non-governmental organizations, individuals, and government agencies.

Ennoble’s social initiatives have impacted the country through its partnership with a variety of organizations. Among our partner organizations are IRCTC, Mahindra susten and Godrej Agrovet. With support from Ennoble, our partners have been able to transform schools all over India, by transforming schools holistically, revamping school infrastructure, and donating essentials like YeloGreen bagdesks.

Volunteering Opportunity for Your Employees

Our initiatives give cCorporations the ease of involving their employees in volunteering activities. Your employees could help us distribute these products in person and assist with our on-site development work. Additionally, you may choose to customize a volunteering program with Ennoble that best suits your organisation.

In collaboration with CSR, we have,
Transformed ten schools
Donated Yelogreen big desks to 80,600 students
Worked in 58 districts to change the face of the learning system.

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Ennoble Social Innovations won Cemex-Tec Social Entrepreneurship Award 2019 | Chirag Bhandari


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