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After the school selection process, a detailed design is made considering the requirement of the school stakeholders and budget appropriation. Once the design is finalised, the team identifies the volunteering employing opportunity for local artisan to execute the design. The customised design as well as involvement of local people in the designing and execution of beatification led to increased ownership of people towards school.

The Ennoble team will also be happy to meet any additional requirements of the school that the funding organization agrees to have, such as installing a water cooler, creating a STEM lab etc

Panchyat Union Middle School

Located in Kondamangalam Village, Tamil Nadu

150 students

Who await better resources

Classes 1-8th

With only 3 functional classrooms

25 lakh

To holistically transform the school


Glimpes of the present condition

Making school visually appealing through beautification of classrooms & external spaces

Enhancing classroom learning through green boards, teaching learning materials & more

Student support materials like the YeloGreen Bag, Shoes, Sustainability Kit & Covid Kit

Improving basic essentials facilities such as closed toilets, hand wash points & dustbins

Previous School Transformation Projects


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