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"Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world."
- Malala Yousafzai -

Sponsor a School

Poor quality of education, poor school infrastructure, the absence of teaching and learning materials and a lack of sense of belonging among children, are persistent challenges in rural school education in India. Such reasons have often discouraged students from attending schools resulting in social challenges like child labour and juvenile marriages.

Our Sponsor a School project is designed to address equity issues, such as health and sanitation, gender sensitivity, inclusiveness, security and protection.

Our solution

YeloGreen Model School offers a unique holistic solution in which education is made more conducive, fun, and engaging while sensitising children on sustainability.

The objective behind YeloGreen Model School is to make school exciting and fun place for students. A place where all basic amenities, all basic comforts and basic needs necessary for students are provided for so that students can focus on learning and create a powerful future for themselves.

Ennoble has developed a school revamp model where all elements of schools essential to deliver on effective education have been identified. Modular and scalable products for all these basic infrastructural essential elements have been created such that rural schools can be transformed at scale. This list has been derived after thorough research of various school infrastructure guidelines by UNICEF child-friendly school guidelines, central government and various state government guidelines, and educational organisations with a special focus on developing girl-friendly schools. We have also studied the impact of these implementations across multiple geographies.

School infrastructure transformation focuses on the child-friendly schools approach, which puts the child at the centre of a holistic learning and teaching environment with six key dimensions. These dimensions are firmly embedded with certain defined standards to create an enabling physical environment fit for every child’s education.

Impact of the Project

  • A general decline in student’s dropout rate
  • Increase in girl-students attending and completing schooling
  • Improvement in the learning of students
  • Community Ownership and Engagement in school development
  • Equity amongst rural and urban school students

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Your contributions helps us serve India’s most marginalised children and ensure that they go to school. We cannot do the work that we do without your support, and it’ll need every one of us to come together to ensure happier childhoods for children everywhere!


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