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Make Your New Year's Resolution with Ennoble What am I Donating?

Every new year arrives with new resolutions. Some resolutions see the light of the day, others languish between our notes. Don’t they? Most important resolutions, however, are the ones which are transformative not only for ourselves but for those around us. In 2022, we are making our new year’s resolution to donate the award winning Yelogreen bags to the children most in need of this innovation and we would love for you to join. Our innovative school bag is a bag cum writing desk which comes with additional features, such as :

How Does this Help?

In rural and urban India with development challenges students walk to school carrying their notebooks in make-do bags. This results in soiled notebooks which are rendered non-readable in 3-4 months of an academic year. Similarly, schools lack infrastructure to support students with proper furniture to sit and study on.

As a consequence, students have to slouch for long hours leading to back pain and strained eyes. A study revealed a prevalence of 63% of FHP among 12–16-year-old school going students. Cumulatively, different resource constraints lead to an uncomfortable environment affecting students' concentration, their sense of ownership and an ability to learn effectively. The yelogreen bag helps with:

Health- Improved posture, rids of spine, neck and eyesight issue

Habit- Habits of cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability

Economic Impact- Waste management, saves on environmental cost

Environmental Impact- Helps keep the environment clean

What Is Ennoble Going to Do

With the money that you donate, Ennoble would donate the corresponding number of bags to the children most in need of our innovation. You could donate one bag or sponsor an entire class or school. Please know that each bag counts and we value any contribution that is made, immensely.

What Impact Would I Make?

We have sent more than 75 thousand students to school with these products, and now your new year resolution could send another child to school with a better learning opportunity that comes with Yelogreen bag. Make your new year resolution with Ennoble to donate a Yelogreen bag today!

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