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Role of CSR in Recovering Learning & Building resilient education systems beyond the Pandemic

The purpose of the webinar is to contribute to improving the resilience of education systems—systems that are more flexible, fully dedicated to all children learning through a range of learning modalities and Technologies and better equipped to face potential crises. It also seeks to help maintain and promote quality, inclusive education and learning for all children throughout and beyond the outbreak and recovery phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on the most marginalized children.

The high-powered Panel will include CSR experts & educationalists who shall help attendees understand the extent of the crisis, and then share
experiences/examples/ideas corporates can help overcome the same.

CSR Experts: Topics for Discussion
1. The role of CSR in Building resilient education systems
2. Ways CSR can facilitate learning in the vulnerable and under-privileged rural communities
3. The role of CSR in the implementation of digital learning & digital accessibility to the rural sector

Education Experts: Topics for Discussion
1. How to build a resilient education system in rural India
2. How to equip students to face potential crises
3. Ways to improve inclusive education and learning for all children
4. How can schools implement the National Education Policy 2020 effectively in the current situation?

Sub-Event Planned:
Meet & Greet of Panelists – To be scheduled as per the convenience of the panelists

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