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The Big Bang
The Big Bang
Equipped with a desk and a mat, the YeloGreen Bagdesk is made of recycled and upcycled material and comes with a sustainability kit, nudging positive behavioural practices towards health, hygiene, and sustainability.
Infrastructure Revamp Program
School Infrastructure Revamp Program
The scope of Ennoble was expanded to the revamping of infrastructure of government run schools in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and MP.
Covid Specific Intervention
Covid Specific Intervention
The eco-friendly pre-recorded audio learning device comes with a solar charger and connects rural students who lacked access to internet and electricity back to education.
Holistic School Transformation Program
Holistic School Transformation Program
Quality Education Program and Infrastructure Revamp Program form the two important components of the Holistic School Transformation Program. While the Quality Education Program empowered students with 21st-century skills through interactive and engaging learning methodologies, Infrastructure Revamp Program helped with development and revamping of infrastructure at government schools.
Quality Education
Quality Education Program
Quality Education Program enabled students with 21st-century skills through interactive and engaging learning methodologies. It focussed on empowering teachers to come up with solutions to challenges relating to teaching by conducting teachers collective.

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Ennoble Social Innovations won Cemex-Tec Social Entrepreneurship Award 2019 | Chirag Bhandari

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