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School Transformation Program

In Present education system, most of our rural government schools  struggle to provide enabling infrastructure as well as engaging experiential education for students to learn and nurture as 21st century citizens.

The school transformation  program focuses on not just transforming infrastructure to provide an enabling environment at school as well as at home by providing facilities for holistic development. It  also  nurtures students to create a society of responsible and socially conscious citizens equipped with 21st century skills through “Engaging Experiential Education” by  leveraging a gamified curriculum. 

  • Transforming the learning environment: Teachers facilitating learning for students in the most comfortable and efficient schooling space. 
  • Creating space for holistic development:  Providing facilities such as  “must to have” STEM lab and playground for enabling the facilitation of cognitive, physical and cultural development. 
  • Teachers equipped to facilitate 21st century skills: Teachers facilitating 21st century skills through engaging and experiential education. 
  • Students develop competencies: Through engaging pedagogical facilitation students practice 21st century skills and develop competencies.

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