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Identifying the Problem

Most of the students in rural schools of India sit down on the floor for long studying hours. A study revealed a prevalence of 63% of FHP among 12–16-year-old school going students. Sitting on the floor and studying for 6-8 hours affects posture, resulting in back pain, poor eyesight, inefficiency to concentrate and study.

We as a society are creating massive amounts of waste. The cost of managing this waste is growing exponentially every year and also it’s dumping in landfills and seas is causing a lot of damage to our environment. Our society is struggling to find a solution to this problem. 
 Many students in India still use plastic bags to carry books to school. Many schools and homes in India do not have furniture for students. Basic posture comfort while studying is a basic need. Hygiene and sustainability habits should be inculcated at a very early age, most rural students get little education on this.

Introducing Innovations

The YeloGreen school bag is the first of its sort, this sustainably innovative School Bag is designed to solve problems faced by less-privileged students while inspiring them to protect the environment.

  1. Bag and Desk 
  2. Recycled Bag
  3. Inculcation Sustainability 

What makes YeloGreen distinctly unique sustainable Innovation is that it is made by using several recycled and upcycled materials. It is a student’s organiser and sustainability tool kit. 

  1. Litter Pouch – Inculcating cleanliness – To store litter that can be thrown in the dustbin later.
  2. Soap Pouch – Inculcating Hygiene – Stores soap for hand wash before eating.
  3. Sanitary Pad Pouch – Inculcating menstrual hygiene – Stores sanitary pads and provides easy access whenever needed.
  4.  Bottle Pouch – Inculcating Sustainability – Place to carry your own bottle and not use a single-use plastic bottle.
  5. Meal Box + Spoon Pouch – Inculcating Sustainability – Such that single-use plastic plates and spoon are not needed
  6. Multipurpose Pouch – Inculcating Sustainability – Pouch that can be used to carry miscellaneous items such as fruits /veggies or other useful stuff                                
Sustainability Kit –  

An add on kit to further help students to get grounded in the essential habits of cleanliness, hygiene, and sustainability

  1. Soap
  2. Steel water bottle
  3. Steel tiffin with a spoon

Executing @ Scale 

Partner- We partner with Government, Corporates and NGOs like Gram Vikas, Godrej Agrovet, IOCL, and many more. 
Source- The waste material is collected through corporates & employee voluntary activities. 
Recycle/ technology- It is an upcycled bag made with tyre tubes, flexes, plastic, denim jeans and discarded seat covers. 
Train/ Sustainability- We train students physically & online to explain the features and importance of YeloGreen Bag.
Monitor- Our team will be monitoring the implementation of the program. 

Impact –

Health Impact- The desk helps to solve the problem of postural issues which results in long term health depreciation such as damaged spine, neck and eyesight issues. 
Environmental Impact- The innovation of adding a small yet impactful yet in the litter pouch and throwing it only in the dustbin.
Economic Impact- YeloGreen School Bags which are manufactured by using upcycled recycled products help create massive savings to the society at large, both in terms of savings on the waste management and the massive environmental cost. 
Societal/ Habit Impact- YeloGreen School Bag ensures that students form a habit to not litter anywhere but to accumulate waste and inculcate the fundamental habits of cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability amongst students.

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