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Most schools in rural India do not have the needed infrastructure to support a conducive learning environment. Such was also the case in Gathor Gaon, a hamlet in rural Rajasthan which was extremely ill-equipped in terms of fulfilling basic infrastructural needs of the students. Recognising the needs of this school, Ennoble decided to build toilets, playscapes, and refurbish classrooms. Lavatories built have especially lowered the dropout rate of girls and catering to menstrual and hygienic needs. The Yelo Green bag seamlessly converts into a desk, thereby offering a cost effective solution to the issue of children suffering from bad posture and poor concentration. We also provided the children with shoes, as many of them would come barefoot to classes. Ms. Pratibha, Principle of the school, also spoke to the benefits of Ennoble’s outreach program and the positive impact that it has had on the lives of the students and the overall development of the school.



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A game-changer in addressing the needs of rural schools, Ennoble Social Innovations focuses on transforming the government school landscape of India through scalable and sustainable innovations.

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