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Ennoble is an international social enterprise that addresses the challenges faced by society in areas of education, energy and health. The company aims to improve the quality of life of people in developing countries through its need based, low cost innovative products for solving various day to day issues. Thus forming a healthier, safer and better world for all. Every new day at ennoble is an attempt to improve the quality of life through intelligent design.


Ennoble social innovation as name suggest is focused in creating low cost innovative product solutions which can positively impact the day to day lives of millions of under privileged people across the globe.

our mission
studing using Yelo Bag.

Our First Invention


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Over 3 million children are estimated to study in schools without proper infrastructure in India.

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A large number of children in India sit on the floor and face difficulty while studying.

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We invented a low cost solution - a school bag which can convert into a desk.This product aims to bridge the infrastructure gap

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Meet the YELO bag - school bag which converts into a writing desk in single fold

Our Product Evolves


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Meet the YELO BAG SOFT - school bag with detachable desk

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Very attractive appearance to motivate children.

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Extremely Innovative and unique design makes the bag very easy to use.

Yello Bag Soft

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